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CDPAP: Is It Beneficial for Your Senior Loved One?

CDPAP: Is It Beneficial for Your Senior Loved One?

For Americans in New York, we are very privileged to have the CDPAP or Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program. This is initiated by the state’s Medicaid so that those who require Homecare services can also have other options in receiving their care. These individuals are mostly seniors who need assistance in their daily activities.

Here are the important benefits to take note of with regards to the CDPAP:

  • Care Provided at Home
    Your loved one can receive care in their home. For many seniors, aging in place is a preferred option since they are already familiar with their abode. They feel more confident and independent in moving through the aging season when they are spending this at home. The providers of CDPAP in Brooklyn, New York are able to make this option accessible.
  • Can Select Care Provider
    Under the CDPAP, seniors are given control of their care. This means that they can make decisions about how their care services should proceed. In particular, they can select the care provider they would like to assist them. In addition, they can even decide to let their family members care for them. While there are certain considerations when you want a family member to care for you, it is still comforting to note that you can have someone trustworthy to care for you.
  • Loved Ones Can Get Paid
    Moreover, under the CDPAS in New York, you can also pay your family member when they are the ones caring for you. That’s right. Not only will you get the chance to be cared for by someone you trust, but your loved ones will also be paid for caring for you. This is very advantageous for seniors who have a difficult time adjusting to someone who they are not acquainted with.

Indeed, the CDPAP is a great privilege we can take advantage of. If your aging loved one is looking for care options, consider the provisions of CDPAP. Our team at Genuine Care can assist you in understanding this program even more. If you have questions, just ask us.

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