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Encourage a Senior Loved One to Wear Clean Clothes

Encourage a Senior Loved One to Wear Clean Clothes

When our aging family members are spending most of their aging season at home, some aspects of personal care may be overlooked. The familiarity of their living conditions can help them feel that they’re still well and in good condition. However, without the assistance of family or Homecare service providers, your loved one may eventually neglect these care activities.

One of these often-neglected personal care activities is wearing clean clothes. Whether they forget about taking a bath or they feel that the clothes are clean enough for them, their health and hygiene can be at risk when they maintain this habit of not wearing clean clothes every time. For that, we would like to share some tips on how you can encourage a loved one to put on clean and fresh clothing.

  • Select Clothes from their Wardrobe
    Try going through their wardrobe and find clothes that you haven’t seen them wear for the past six months. Motivate them by saying you want to see them wear the dress to see if it still fits. Afterward, compliment their good looks.
  • Accompany Them During Their Medical Checkup
    Another reason why they have missed wearing clean clothes is that they may not have sensed that these are not clean anymore. They may not be able to see clearly anymore or their olfactory sense is not as strong as it used to be. Help them address these issues by getting them checked. A provider of CDPAP in Brooklyn, New York can also accompany them to these appointments.
  • Prepare Their Clothes for the Day
    You can also make a step ahead by preparing the clothes they need to wear for the following day. Get these ready and place these in a conspicuous area in your loved one’s room. They can be inspired to put these on knowing that you’ve prepared them.
  • Appreciation Is Key
    Praising our loved one about their efforts of putting on clean clothes can also inspire them to care for their hygiene. In addition, when they have the help of providers of CDPAS in New York, you can focus on supporting their every activity including hygiene care.

At Genuine Care, we’ll be right here to assist you as you care for your aging loved one. We can also answer your inquiries on home care especially if these are about CDPAP. Inquire today.

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