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Get Paid While You Care for Your Closest Friend

Get Paid While You Care for Your Closest Friend

Do you think this is too good to be true? Not at all. This is in fact a provision of the New York state’s Medicaid program called CDPAP (Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program). If you’re a senior person who needs Homecare services, or if you have a grandparent who prefers your assistance over any other person, the CDPAP is worth looking in to.

Here are notable elements of the CDPAP in New York that you would be happy to know:

  • Consumer’s Choice
    The person in need of care or assistance is considered as the consumer. As such, they are given complete control in terms of deciding who they want to assist or care for them. Consumers are given this freedom provided they have passed a nurse’s assessment to qualify in receiving such kind of care.
  • Paid Family Caregiver
    Many patients prefer the assistance of their family members or close friends because they feel at ease with their presence. However, this will mean that they will have to give up their own income-generating mechanisms in order to provide care. To address this, the CDPAP in Brooklyn, New York allows for family and friend caregivers to receive their due payment for the services rendered in caring for a loved one.
  • Flexibility
    Because of the CDPAP, the consumer can be flexible about the kind of service or assistance they will require from their preferred care provider. They can also be flexible about choosing someone to assist them, especially if their previous preference was not that efficient.

Before the consumer can get qualified for the CDPAP, their doctor needs to submit a physician’s order for services to the social services office in their area. Following this will be an assessment conducted by a social worker and registered nurse. It will be the nurse who will approve the consumer’s qualification, and determines the amount and duration of the care services.

Aside from family members, CDPAP consumers can also assign professional care attendants from accredited agencies such as Genuine Care. Whoever they choose, it will be someone they trust and depend on.

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