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Medicaid Applications & Eligibility

Non Medical Home Care in Brooklyn, New York

There are several criteria and steps to apply and be eligible for CDPAP Program. However, at Genuine Care, we have prepared this short overview for you to gain a better understanding of the process.


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  • Assessments. Before enrolling into CDPAP Program, the client will be evaluated by a nurse (sometimes, evaluation can occur more than once).
  • Patient Forms. The patient will be required to complete and sign several forms for application.
  • Personal Assistant Forms. The chosen personal assistants will be required to complete and sign several forms as well.


  • You must be a Medicaid recipient.
  • You must have a need for home care assistance as deemed necessary by your physician
  • You must be able to self-direct your care needs, or have a care representative who can help you with your needs as required by your physician

For a more in-depth discussion about Medicaid applications and eligibility requirements, speak with one of our CDPAP Program Specialists today. Reach us at 718-875-CARE (2273) for more information.