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Key Benefits of Aging in Place

Key Benefits of Aging in Place

The population of seniors have been growing since 2010 and according to AARP, their growth rate is expected to hit at 15% for the total population even until the year 2050. The increase is mainly due to the members of the baby boomer generation approaching the senior season. Add to this, 87% of these seniors prefer to stay in their present home than elsewhere.

Isn’t it interesting to know why seniors prefer to age in their own homes? As trusted Homecare providers, we think we know. Consider the following benefits of aging in place.

  • Familiar Environment
    It is very understandable for seniors to prefer the familiar environment as this presents the feeling of security and safety. When you know the ins and outs of your present location, you will be confident about where you are.
  • Enhanced Independence
    Along with familiarity, seniors can feel more independent when they know which part of their home they are. They know how to reach the bathroom even at midnight and who to call for help in case of emergency.
  • Sense of Control
    When a senior person is aging at home, they can also get some control of important decisions, such as whether they will receive assistance from another person or a friend. For seniors who are aging, the arrangement of CDPAP in Brooklyn, New York is ideal for them.
  • Access to Family Members
    When a senior person is also right in their homes, they can be surrounded by their family members. This feeling can give them comfort and peace knowing that family is just within their reach.
  • Access to Friends or Neighbors
    The presence of dear friends and neighbors also benefits the overall well-being of seniors. Add to this, they can even request for their assistance if they want to, which is very possible with CDPAP in New York.

At Genuine Care, we will help you manage a meaningful and productive aging season in your very own home. Whether you want the assistance of a family member, friend, or one of our care providers, we will always look out for your overall well-being.

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