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Why Seniors Need Companionship at Home?

Why Seniors Need Companionship at Home?

Quality companionship is a major need for many seniors. When they are living alone at home, the risks to isolation and depression can increase. As their loved ones, we would be naturally concerned about our elders’ wellbeing when they are already aging at home.

As a provider of Homecare services, we validate how companionship is as crucial as exercise and healthy meals for seniors. For this, we extend companionship services to seniors who are living alone at home.

How is companionship beneficial to a senior? Consider the following:

  • Reduced Depression
    As earlier mentioned, having regular people around them can make a senior person feel less lonely. Loneliness is one of the triggers of depression. So when they have someone who regularly interacts with them, the feeling of being alone is reduced and so is the risk of depression.
  • Reduced Heart Disease
    Similar to the previous item, a senior person with risks to depression is also at risk of heart disease. Having someone to accompany them can prevent a sense of loneliness and reduces the risk of heart ailments. For seniors who prefer the companionship of family members, the CDPAP in Brooklyn, New York can also make this possible. This way, seniors will feel more confident about the company they have at home.
  • Better Memory
    The presence of a companion at home also provides an opportunity of interaction for seniors. The more that their brains are engaged in good conversations, the more their cognitive skills are polished and harnessed. As a result, they will have improved memory even as a senior.
  • Safety and Peace
    Some seniors also want to receive companionship from their family members. This arrangement used to be very difficult because family is supposed to extend this service out of love and free of charge. Yet, now with CDPAS in New York, family members can already help their aging loved ones because they can also get paid in doing so.

Are you curious about being a paid caregiver for a family member? We can help you at Genuine Care. Call us.

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